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        LINKS  and  QUESTIONS

  1. How can I contact PWTP? By clicking here

  2. How bad are leeches? Not so bad as many other  travellers tell you. You will be surprised
    how fast you will get used to their existence and will copy the way Penan handle them. They don’t bother about digestive juices they leave in your body when you manipulate them etcetera: just take them off! That simple? Yes, no more than that...
  3. Why is PWTP Environmentally Friendly? Well, first of all the Penan mentality is to use only what is strictly necessary to survive. They don’t hunt for pleasure, they don’t cut trees for fun. Furthermore, PWTP stimulates visitors to carry all litter back from the jungle and not leave any garbage.

  4. Why is PWTP Community Focused? As you can read in our Projects Section, there is no organisation that makes any money on your trips. Every penny you spend on your tour is directly paid to the one that delivers a service.